How Can You Effectively Use ChatGPT to Empower Self-Care?

Have you ever considered how a tool like ChatGPT might be helpful in a highly personal realm like self-care?

On this episode of Video Mojo, Suzanne Falter and I discuss how AI, specifically ChatGPT, can be a fun and exciting tool for self-care. We explore its various uses, from stress reduction to fitness training, while also acknowledging its limitations and calling for government regulation.

I also share my personal experience with using ChatGPT as a motivational coach for exercise.

Overall, this podcast offers a fascinating look into the world of ChatGPT and how it can be a valuable asset in our daily lives.

This is a joint episode of Video Mojo and Suzanne’s Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women podcast.

Hightlights include:

1:20 – AI’s Collaborative Co-pilot Era.

5:55 – How to use ChatGPT for advice.

10:36 – Can you use AI for therapy?

15:29 – ChatGPT skills you need to practice

18:38 – InsightTimer over ChatGPT for guided meditations

21:05 – AI regulation & being playful with ChatGPT.

24:53 – Video Mojo Anna Przy recommendation.

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