Podcasting Maybe Bigger Than I Thought

According to this ClickZ article MP3 Player Adoption at Tipping Point, there are now 22 million Americans with iPod’s or other MP3 players and this market has reached a “tipping point” that is making it viable as a distribution platform. I’ll sure be amazed if podcasting takes off. Probably we just need more people with something to say, or who REALLY want to be HEARD. 😉

Of course, it always takes a while for folks to learn to get their information and media in new ways. Witness the slow ramp-up of Tivo and PVR’s.

Podcasting… a future or a fad?

Wow. Apple‘s runaway success in the MP3 player market has spawned a new kind of broadcasting called podcasting. I caught wind of it in Wired magazine (Jan/Feb issue) and then I saw mention in USA Today. Sites like,, and are breaking new ground. Do you think it’s a viable “broadcasting” platform or too elitest given that listeners need to be able to afford an iPod or other mp3 player? It’s cool, but I’m not even sure that mp3 services like are even making a go as a business. However, I must admit that I’m starting to listen to books-on-tape type stuff on my new iPod. In fact, as far as I can tell, I get better deals on spoken word programs and better selection via Amazon–rather than via either or the iTunes store. Stay tuned. 😉