What You Need to Know About The Power of Programs, Podcasts & WebShows™ with Jay Acunzo

This episode of Video Mojo was something special, especially if you aspire to create original web content or are already in that game.

I don’t want you to miss out on the power of original series, specifically online video and audio programs like WebShows™ and podcasts, because they have a profound impact that surpasses all other forms of content. These new media formats enable a depth of connection that goes beyond even the most dynamic qualities of video and audio alone.

In this episode, of our Video Mojo WebShow™, the true value of this kind of exploration comes to life through my Collaborative Conversation with Jay Acunzo, founder of MarketingShowRunners and author of “Break the Wheel.” Please check it out below.

Among other insights, they discuss:

  • Why Resonance, Not Reach is a more meaningful marketing goal
  • The Value of Being An Explorer, Rather than an Expert, if your intention is to make a difference
  • A Call to Action to pay more attention NOT to Who Arrives, but to Who Stays because those people offer you the greatest and most accessible returns

This week’s Tee It Up talks about the Web’s “good guys” and the Luscious Links offer a valuable app for downloading streaming content including YouTube videos so that you can reuse them in your own video productions.

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  • Tee It Up: The “Good Guys” – 1:51
  • Collaborative Conversation: Jay Acunzo – 3:46
  • Community Campfire: Q&A – 18:37
  • Luscious Links: Utility for downloading videos – 29:34



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