Website, Social Media, & Email Audit

What Are the Best Strategies to Ignite Your Marketing for More Human Engagement?

We Know That Websites, Social Media, & Email Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. That’s Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Re-Focus Your Priorities.

This audit is an easy, bite-sized, & affordable way to have a knowledgeable digital marketing strategist, Jon Leland, help you sort out our online marketing priorities.

All for only $495. 

Using a proprietary process that’s customized for each client’s needs, your audit may include feedback on your websites effectiveness with specific suggestions for improvement, optimization of your lead capture funnels with a focus on conversions, email marketing improvements, and social media profile and content creation recommendations. This process comes complete with written recommendations and a vide recording of your personalized session.

You will receive clear and concise input that will help you identify the most effective strategic next steps. 

Jon’s recommendations will help you improve your: 

  • Website’s effectiveness
  • List-building/lead capture funnel
  • Social media presence
  • Email engagement
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Online video & multimedia (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

“I was pleasantly surprised and very gratified by the marketing strategy session we received from Jon Leland. I was impressed by how well he had studied our website and the depth to which he perceived what we need to do.

Talking to you, Jon, I could hear in your voice the experience, knowledge and your true concern for our success and the importance of powering that from our authentic value and desire to be of service. You were actually a model of what you were telling us we needed to do. I look forward to having you bring us along with more of your mentorship.”
— Jim White, co-founder,

How Does This Work?

There are two main steps to Jon Leland’s “CSO-to-Go” process:

  1. Proprietary Intake Form
    First, as a client, you will fill out a proprietary intake form with information about your business, online marketing goals, website, social media presence, YouTube channel, Facebook Pages, email marketing, analytics, SEO keywords, content marketing, and more. (Time estimate to fill out the form is only about 15 minutes.)
  2. Report & Recommendations
    Then, after Jon performs a top-level review of your website, your responses via the intake form, your social media profiles and your website’s analytics (if applicable), he will:
    • Prepare his written preliminary recommendations and provide them to you as a slide deck.
    • Personally lead a 45-minute online consulting session that will include a review of this recommendations document accompanied by screen sharing that will illuminate  his feedback.
    • Deliver the recording of this session to you including both the visual components (slide deck) and audio, so that you will be able to review and take action on his recommendations.

This package also includes your choice of paperback, PDF, or Kindle version of Jon’s book “Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know.”

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