Squarespace Website Design Portfolio

We recommend Squarespace websites for small businesses for many reasons including ease of use, elegant templates, always mobile-friendly, fewer technical headaches/easier to maintain, availability of tech support and more. We offer both collaborative, done-with-you, very productive learning sessions to get you started with Squarespace called “1-to-1 Get-It-Done,” as well as complete Squarespace website design projects.

“I am very pleased with the results of the ‘1-to-1 Get-It-Done’ Website session that I did with Jon Leland. In less than the time it takes to play a round of golf, we had my new website designed and published… Prior to this session, I had wasted many hours over a couple of months trying to update my website. I finally reached out to Jon and in just one afternoon, he saved me a ton of time, money and effort.”

Jim DraperPresident, Draper Creative Group

“As a do-it-yourselfer, I questioned why I hired Jon. Was it just so I would get started on my project of updating my website? That alone would have been worth it, but Jon‘s services went way beyond my expectations. In the space of 3 hours, he not only provided me with a tutorial on using Square Space, he also helped organize, with my input, the framework for the revised site, as well as providing a good start on several important pages. It was amazing! I wasn’t overwhelmed with the behind-the-scenes tech or design stuff and felt empowered to continue on my own when we finished. Thanks, Jon!”

Gia Combs-Ramirez

“My work with Jon Leland of ComBridges produced most amazing website results and in far less time than I could have imagined! Prior to our “1-to-1 Get-It-Done Squarespace Website Session,” Jon provided me with relevant tools and questions so that I was prepared and ready to go. Then, in only three-hours, we crafted a 7-page website that I absolutely love. Jon was fun to work with, creative sparks were flying, and at the end of the session, when we launched my new site, it was literally a dream come true. The icing on the cake was that I left with enough training and familiarity with Squarespace that I can now manage and edit my own website. THANK YOU, Jon!”

Robert AdamichAdamich Chiropractic

“Jon Leland and ComBridges went above and beyond in building my firm’s website. It was obvious that Jon has a lot of pride in his work and was committed to boosting my firm’s business through our online presence. His hard work has already produced positive, tangible results by bringing us many new clients.”

Scott SouersAttorney, William B. Cherry & Associates

“Before I met Jon Leland, when I attempted to produce a new website and online marketing strategy, I found the Web to be a confusing maze of providers and technologies. Jon became my guide and mentor. He showed me a clear path that leads to creativity and success. He topped off his considerable expertise by being fun to work with and by evoking significant trust. I knew early on that I had made the right choice and never looked back.”

George TaylorMFT, APathforCouples.com

“The future of website design is here! Squarespace in the able hands of Jon Leland was a revelation. He guided me through a re-design more quickly, elegantly and affordably than I imagined possible. Now, I have a modern, good-looking, mobile-friendly website; AND it’s on a platform that empowers me to have FUN evolving it by myself. I couldn’t recommend Jon’s unique approach more highly.”

Will LopesOwner, William Patrick Design Builders

“I know that I can count on Jon Leland 100% to know the latest and greatest marketing communications technologies… You know what’s over-hyped and what’s for real… We trust you to lead us in that way.”

Randy HaldemanCEO, Code-N

“I’ve been so busy from the new website’s traffic, that I’ve put off updating the photos on the site. I think the “Contact” page has really made a big difference in the amount of clients I have been getting… probably 4 or 5 times what the previous site was generating. I can’t say thanks enough!”

Larry StroupMaryland business owner

“Who knew that creating a new website could be so fast, easy, affordable and fun? Jon is a master of all things internet, and he brings a warm and enthusiastic spirit of partnership and creativity. If you are looking for help designing a quick new website, look no further.”

Dara AckermanSinger-Songwriter

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