Browser-based Chat App Breaks Through Compatibility Blocks

Web content is becoming more and more modularized, and Web 2.0 is increasing efficiencies with windows within the browser window… One of the most useful applications I’ve seen that solves a real problem for me is First of all, I’m using two IM (instant messenger) applications these days, having collegues using both AIM (via Mac’s iChat) and Yahoo Messenger. This meant I needed to run two different readers. Meebo handles both IM chats within one web window/application.

And, to make things better, they also offer a widget that I can put inside a web page. I’ve done that now at (at the bottom of the page) so that visitors can chat with me directly from my web page. This is an experiment to see if I can get prospective customers to start a conversation that may lead to them becoming a client. This sure beats $99/month for LivePerson and also offers distinct advantages over the complexity (albeit free and open source) of a application like ZaZaChat.

I’m impressed with Meebo. It works and has made my life simpler while opening up new possibilities. What more can I ask?

US Online Ad Spending Continues Rapid Growth

I can’t believe that I’ve not posted a thing that I learned at Webmaster World in Vegas two weeks ago, but bottom line: search marketing and search advertising as well as online viral, word of mouth marketing are hot and garnering a bigger and bigger piece of the US business marketing dollar pie. For example, this eMarketer report summarizes a consensus among analysts that internet advertising spending is continuing growth at a 30-40% year over year pace.

FYI, in addition to ComBridges internet marketing services, I’m working on a workshop and e-book to help smaller businesses get a handle of the effective use of these marketing channels. More on that soon.

Net Video Sites Up Offers of Cash for Content

Reuters reports that video sites are now paying real cash money for what has been the amateur-only user-generated content category of web videos. In particular, has upped it’s payments to $400/clip, with more being paid for original animations; and the site claims to have already paid over $300,000 for original user generated content. The universe of web video appears to be beginning to mature in terms of its business models with paying of eyeballs (viewers) and quality content motivating submissions. Stay tuned.

New Palm Treo 680, 1/2 the price

Those interested in a “smart phone” with the Palm OS can now get the Treo from Cingular at roughly one-half the price ($199 with activation) of previous Treo models. I also like the fact that this is smaller by the fact that there’s no antenae sticking out of the top. Most of you know that this is the easiest smart phone to synch with a Mac. Here’s a video review from MobilityToday: