So Busted by ProBlogger for my Blogging “Vices”

I’m sure you all have had the experience where someone speaking publicly seems to be speaking directly to you, right? Well, it just happened to me with a YouTube video by the widely-respected Darren Rowse, better known as ProBlogger because of his widely read blog,

I guess the video below is pretty self-explanatory; but just to be clear, I feel busted because what he says applies directly to me… in spades. Fundamentally, I feel challenged to get all of the high-quality information that I want to share out of my head and to make the time to put it on the web. I’ve even named this challenge getting info “from my head to the web.” I sincerely feel that I have a lot to offer you, dear readers. Having said that, based on Darren’s video advice, I’m completely guilty “as charged” for getting distracted, losing focus, doing more research, browsing more websites and so forth, rather than posting to my blogs.

So, call it an early New Year’s resolution if you like, but whatever you call it, I am hearby declaring my heartfelt intention, starting with this post inspired by the video below, to start posting at least twice a week starting this week, and starting early next year, I’m planning to post a new video clip once a week. Your support and encouragement in any form will be appreciated; and meanwhile, check out Darren’s coaching in the video below. You too might be guilty of one or more of the “Blogging Vices” mentioned in this “Public Service Announcement for Bloggers.” Like they used to say on Hill Street Blues, “Be careful out there!”

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