Dark Day: Net Neutrality Defeat & NSA Spys on MySpace

The Republican Congress did what many of us had feared and dealt a blow to Net Neutrality. Next the Senate will speak… Meanwhile, opponents of this move now include Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports.

And O’Reilly Radar quotes a report that reveals that the NSA may well be “funding research into the mass harvesting of the information that people post about themselves on social networks” (like MySpace). Beware!

The MySpace Social Networking Media Space Explained… Kinda ;)

The extraordinary, run away success of MySpace is way big. How big is it? So big that MarketingSherpa had to exclaim “Even My Dog Has a MySpace Account”, and then assign her researchers to write a special report. So big, 50 million ++ accounts and counting, that it requires reflection on why and what exactly is this “social networking” phenomenon?

Bottom line, it’s a new kind of media environment, er, channel, uh, platform… ok, aw right, a media space! Toward understanding this new myspace media space, I’d like to recommend this short perspective piece called Social Networks are the New Media by Robert Young on Om Malik’s blog (that’s his pic.)

Simple AllYouCanUpload Site Does Blog & EBay Photos Right!

Here’s another great pick from Michael Arrington at TechCruch, a simple site that let’s you post images for linking from your blog or EBay or whatever web page you like. It also will resize the images automatically if you wish. This saves the necessity of having server space and using FTP. And as the name implies, AllYouCanUpload is without limits in terms of disk space or bandwidth usage. Wow! As the site says: “1. Upload Your Images 2. Copy the Links 3. Post!” Simpler really is better. Arrington explains it well.

Oh yeah, did I say that it’s totally FREE? And you don’t even need to create an account (neither a user name nor a password is required). Just do it. (Really.)

Good Laughs: Daily Show Meets MySpace Social Networking

IMHO, TV doesn’t get much better than John Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central. I am frequently grateful for it as an antidote to the daily news. Now, Stewart’s “trendspotting” feature takes on “social networking” such as MySpace. It cracked me up. Nice that Google Video (and someone who uses it) has made it available online. Watch this Daily Show segment now.