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How to Unleash Video Creativity: Leveraging AI & CapCut with Judie Russell

Very few people understand modern video production the way that Judie Russell does.

From producing TV shows in Ireland, to training corporate executives to make authentic presentations, to teaching streamlined smartphone video production processes, to fearlessly exploring the creative opportunities offered AI, Judie fills this episode of Video Mojo with insights, tips, and actionable production strategies. Also included are examples of her creativity:

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Timestamped Summary:
00:00 🎥 Judie shares tips on leveraging AI and playing multiple characters to make video production easier.
02:43 🎥 Embrace AI in video creation to enhance creativity and efficiency.
07:31 🎥 How to use AI and CapCut to create unique and engaging video content.
11:10 🎥 Why Adobe Podcast Enhance is an essential AI audio improvement tool.
15:25 🎥 Mobile phones can produce high-quality content and the importance of good audio and pre-production planning. 18:51 🎥 Judie uses a teleprompter and ChatGPT for efficiency in video creation.
21:11 🎥 AI can enhance creativity and make video editing easier, with CapCut simplifying tasks that used to take weeks in Premiere Pro.
25:18 🎥 AI and apps like CapCut can make video creation easier, while generating your own images with AI is more fun and avoids copyright issues, but there is a potential risk of AI claiming ownership of all images.

More about Judie Russell: https://thevidacademy.com
Or find her on the socials at @TheVidacademy

CapCut, the free video editing tool that we discussed can be found here: https://www.capcut.com

Information on Austin Kleon and his wonderful books about how to live a more creative life is here: https://austinkleon.com/

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