Short-Form Social Media Videos: Learn How TikTok & Others Are The Next Big Thing in Marketing

TikTok is the leading example of one of the most important trends in social media marketing: Short-Form Social Media Videos. Please check out this quickie, one-minute video to learn more and the two videos mentioned are also below:

As a joyful explorer of this new video frontier, this week in my Luscious Links email blast, I featured two illuminating videos:

1. One is a virtual TED talk by a young, Chinese principal at Boston Consulting Group. It’s packed with research and examples.

2. The second drills down even deeper and uses #FilmTikTok to brilliantly explain and SHOW how TikTok works, and that’s something good to know if you care about where social media is going. In fact, if you are in business, in any form, this matters! Short-Form Social Media Videos are our future!

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How to Level Up Your Podcast (or Show) So It’s Your Tribe’s Favorite with Jay Acunzo

*No BS.* There’s ONE thing that can make or break a podcast or video show, and I’m still learning after all these years! 🙂

This episode of Video Mojo (video below) is much more than just an interview. It’s practically an entire workshop. I’m “working in public” and tapping into the impressive showrunner expertise of Jay Acunzo. In this conversation, Jay not only provides immensely valuable realtime coaching regarding the essential requirement for a “pithy, powerful premise” and illuminates his “4 Challenges of the Showrunner’s Circle;” but he also explains why participation is better than promotion.

We also discuss how podcasts and shows can be leveraged into short-form video content and when that’s appropriate (or not), and much more. My journey toward making Video Mojo an authentically valuable offering for visionary organizations takes a profound pivot here, and I want you along for the learning. If you have a podcast or show, or if you are considering starting one, I recommend this video as essential viewing. Don’t miss all the actionable insights.


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