Podcasting Builds Momentum, Gets Defined

iPod promo OK. I admit it. Maybe podcasting IS the beginning of the personalized webcasting that I wrote about for years in Videography.

I was impressed with the NY Times coverage this weekend… snappy examples… Tired of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts Are Here. I take as a sign of emerging yet premature maturity 😉 that there are already sites like Podcastalley.com and Podcastbunker.com, that review and rank podcasts.

I even download the iPodder podcast aggregator software, but I’ve not yet put it fully to use. Although, if you’re interested in learning more, you might check out Dave Winer’s (he’s one of the originators of the RSS, Really Simple Syndication format) well-linked definition of podcasting: What is Podcasting?