Taking a Deliciously Dangerous Risk: New Video Holiday Greeting

I had started gearing up to do a new series of on-camera videos before I read what I now consider to be a Silicon Valley classic business book, Randy Komisar’s The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living. I’ll review this book in more detail later, but the bottom line is that personal risks are far more important than financial risks. Randy illustrates through his own considerable life and business experiences that the real failures in business and in life result from doing things for the wrong reasons and not following your heart and your true passions.[amazonshowcase_e3b2b118d706bf6c7c901f6305cea3d3]

Well, how perfect is the timing then that I’ve chosen this moment to finally express my passion for connecting and communicating with you all through video? As they say on TV, there’s much more to come; but for now, please let me use video to say Happy Holidays to you all… (available in HD).

I’m looking forward to your feedback and any comments you may have, either here or on YouTube (where your ratings are also very welcome):

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  1. Rita Hovakimian
    Rita Hovakimian says:

    I love your message and I love who you are! I want to talk with you about your services. This is the year for a huge expansion in my business. I have got my Flip and am ready.
    Much love, Rita

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