WSJ Mossberg: Thumbs Up on Yahoo Mail

I use Yahoo Mail as a secondary address email address and I like the redesigned interface of Yahoo Mail’s latest version. I’m even considering getting Yahoo Mail Plus for $20/year in order to get POP access via Yahoo Mail. I’m having issues with MS Entourage… Anyone know about getting an Entourage address book into Yahoo Mail?

Anyway, I was encouraged by this video and web review by one of the most authoritative tech reviewers in the world, Walt Mossberg of the Walt Street Journal:

In fact, I found his Personal Technology pages on the AllThingsDigital website to be quite excellent… a fun and useful resource… Although I totally disagee with him about Apple’s iWork products (Pages, Keynote & Numbers). I love these programs and get things done with them not only with more style, but with more ease. I would never use Word or MS Office unless I have to.

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I would be using Mac Mail if I didn’t panic when I ran into a glitch (during a tentative transfer from Entourage into Mac Mail) where all yr mail disappears if yr inbox is over a gig. Also, why am I leaving drowsy comments on your blog on a friday night????

  2. Jon Leland
    Jon Leland says:

    because you are a remarkable human being. and ain’t this email mishagos da pits? A classic “can’t live with it, can’t live without it.”

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