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Google’s Great is the Greatness of Change

An Addendum to my post below… The greatness of Google’s accomplishments are in way they are re-inventing media and advertising. “Changing the way… ” as quoted here: “They’ve come up with a new product that is changing the way people are advertising,” said ThinkEquity analyst John Tinker. “They are changing the way people are doing business.” Source: Reuters: “Google’s ‘sea-change’ sets stock sailing”

Google the Great Gets Greater

Sure. I know that you don’t measure the true value of a company by it’s market cap. And, of course, I know that profits aren’t everything. But, a 7x increase in net earnings ain’t bad. And, you better believe that pay-per-click search engine advertising is MAJOR (even though, full disclosure, it’s part of my business. Managing Google AdWords campaigns is one of the services we offer.)

Just the same, Google’s latest earnings report is beyond impressive. So is their 45% search engine market share. (So is the fact that “Google” has become a verb.) So is the perspective of the book I’m reading, The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

It seems that Google in particular, and search in general, along with the financial fuel of search engine advertising are literally defining the next waves of e-business and e-experience, as well as what’s coming in every web surfer’s next “set” of waves… Stay tuned.

Googlers Gripe Upon Getting Googled

This irony is lost somewhere between “Do what I say, not what I do” and “Do unto others…” It seems that CNET News Googled Google CEO Eric Schmidt and then printed some of what it found. The result? Not praise for creativity, but a promised year of silent shoulder, black out, personna non gratis, “we’re not talking to you anymore” pissy, reactionary, angry, downright un-Google-like behavior. Go figure. Here’s one journal’s rendition of the story.

Get Links to Improve Search Engine Rankings

As most e-marketers know, getting good links TO your web site is now a critical component of achieving web traffic generating search engine positions for the strategic keywords that you (hopefully) have indentified for the benefit of your business or organization.

Today, I’m recommending Marketing Sherpa as one of my favorite “must read” email newsletters on e-marketing; and, in particular, an article on the do’s and don’ts of link acquisition, and interview with link expert Eric Ward titled How to (Really) Gain Link Popularity: 5 Mistakes & 3 Proven Tactics. (Note this article is only free til May 6th.)

Note: One of the most useful links sited is http://www.incominglinks.com which offers almost 600 niche topic directories from whom you may be able to get valuable links as well as some good how-to instructions. Good luck!

For more about ComBridges’ web site promotion strategies, please click here.

Finally, a Directory of Local Search Directories

I love good aggregations of content. As mentioned recently, yellow page style directories are becoming increasingly important for businesses that wish to target local searches, in other words, geographically-targeted searches to find a business of a particular type in your area. Now there’s something called the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) and they’ve published an online directory of local search engines. Useful stuff if you need that kind of thing. Here’s the link to the directory of localized directories. Enjoy.

La Madame du Paid Search + Tip

Here’s a great resource for real online advertisers. Catherine Seda not only wrote the book (literally) on pay-per-click advertising, but she has written tons articles.

Her most recent for Entrepreneur magazine is on the merits of local search, which if you haven’t heard, is the ideal way to go for those of us who tend to do business only with locals–even on the web– including all those tire stores and other retailers who must market to customers who can literally show up at their door. Click here to read more about how “geographic-targeting get your online message to customers right around the corner.”