The “Click Here” Link Text Debate is Over

One of my designers and I have had this discussion for a while. He thinks it’s too clunky to add the obvious “click here” text to website links. I think people respond better when you tell them what you want them to do. OK, I agree it’s less “cool”… less elegant even, but what works better, well, exactly, it WORKS better.

And, I’m always delighted to be proven right. (who isn’t?) So, I appreciated a link forwarded in an e-newsletter for web application developer pointing to this overview of the bottom line about “click here” text, “Does Telling Someone to “Click Here” Actually Matter?

This post includes the link to this original post from MarketingSherpa, “Test Results: Simple Word Change in Email Hyperlink Raises Clicks 8.53%”. Oh, I mean, click here for original post from MarketingSherpa. 😉

All of which reminds me of my favorite book on web interface/interactivity design which has one of the best titles ever: “Don’t Make Me Think”, click here to learn more

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  1. Jon Leland
    Jon Leland says:

    You are one smart dude, Andrew. That makes total sense. Another perspective is that for marketers who are looking for better results vs bloggers who are offering more of a personal service (or however you want to say this), “click-through-rates” increase when you add a “click here to…” to a link. This is good to know as long as it’s relevant to what you are doing. Thanks for the most excellent comment.

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