What We Call the News: “Only the Truth is Funny”

Happy Monday. I’m on the run, but (as some of you know) what I think matters most about all this new media revolutionary… internet, digital video, and other technologies that are associated with the potential democratization of media (and so forth) is that all of this new media offers an alternative to the media circus that has largely replaced honest and informative journalism in our mainstream media. Thus, my enthusiasm and salute to the Jib-Jabbers who created the following bit of parody and spot-on comedic commentary. Enjoy.

Or, you may view “What We Call the News” at JibJab.com

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  1. Shep007
    Shep007 says:

    In my book, a new low was recently reached on CNN, when Wolf Blitzer cut away from his news show to report that post-jail Paris Hilton was getting out of her car to go into the building for an interview later ON CNN with Larry King. They were reporting on the news that she was entering their own building for an interview later?!?!

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