Meaningful Social Media Marketing: Why Being Valuable Must Come Before Making Money

In this video, my Video Mojo guest is Kevon Cheung, a successful entrepreneur, community builder, and author of “Find Joy in Chaos: How to Build Your Twitter Presence so Connections and Opportunities Come Find You.”

Our conversation revolves around the importance of building in public, transparency, and community.

Kevon shares his journey as a creator and his previous experience running a SaaS company, which despite being funded, did not achieve the growth he desired. This led him to walk away from the company around the same time, he was about to become a father. He realized he wanted to make a dramatic pivot and recognized the importance of building a personal brand and a reputation that could compound over time.

This led Kevon to investigate and develop his thoughtful approach to building a personal brand and writing online. He offers valuable lessons learned from these entrepreneurial experiences.

At the core of his endeavors over the last two and a half years is the concept of “building in public” where he emphasizes that the number of followers or the size of an email list does not fully define success. Instead, he believes that the value one provides and the authenticity one maintains are more critical.

Throughout the video, we both highlight the importance of patience, authenticity, and providing value in social media marketing. We discuss how these elements can lead to building a thriving and authentic community.

This entire conversation underscores the importance of being value-driven in today’s digital landscape.

Kevon’s links: ⁠


Find Joy in Chaos⁠ (book)


Here are some key points made in the video with their timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction and Kevon’s background, his journey as a creator, and his approach to building his personal brand.

05:00 – Discussion on the concept of “building in public” and the importance of providing value and maintaining authenticity.

10:00 – Kevon shares his financial journey as a creator, his monthly revenue, and the importance of patience.

15:00 – The role of Twitter, Kevon and I share our thoughts on other platforms like Threads, and the importance of scheduling tweets to deliver better value.

20:00 – The value of community building on Twitter and the distinction between customers and partners.

25:00 – Kevon talks about email courses, how they help in community building, and his approach to offering value without directly selling anything.

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The Secret to Authentic Video Marketing Success: Why Being Human Wins.

In this episode of Video Mojo, I talk to Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist for the video messaging app, BombBomb, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Human-Centered Communication.” Ethan shares his insights on how authenticity and human connection transform video marketing in the digital age.

Ethan sheds light on the power of video in adding “intent data” that’s missing in traditional digital channels – things like facial expressions, tone, and body language – to bridge communication gaps and build trust.

Discussing the challenges and fears associated with video communication, we also explore the concept of vulnerability as an unexpected catalyst for company growth. Ethan emphasizes that authenticity trumps entertainment, especially when using video.

This conversation also touches on the possible future of AI-generated messages, and we wrap up with a nod to the effectiveness of video in enhancing social reciprocity, and Ethan’s insights into why this leads to stronger conversion rates.

Watch to gain valuable tips on using AI and video communication for improving your content marketing by building more engaged human connections. To me, that’s the meaning of authentic video marketing success.

Time stamps:

2:07 – Clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion rates.

5:07 -Why transcripts lack warmth and important non-verbal cues.

10:21 – Short social video clips can provide valuable moments for additional learning & full-length video podcast episodes on YouTube are competitive with Spotify and Apple podcasts.

13:29 – AI faking personal connections raises concerns.

16:23 – Using AI for video editing. Researching AI apps for clip extraction. Enhancing with Descript editing app.

18:36 – Practicing video messaging helps overcome fear.

22:18 – Digital marketing requires video for better communication.

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How Can You Expand Your Creativity with Help from ChatGPT & AI?

To get more info about George Kao’s new program (starts July 2nd, 2023), “Revolutionize Your Creativity: Using A.I. Tools To Grow Your Authentic Business” click here. (affiliate link)

On this episode of Video Mojo, host Jon Leland discusses the creative use of AI technologies like ChatGPT with guest, authentic business coach, George Kao.

They discuss why using AI as a brainstorming or creativity partner is not plagiarism.

They mention Mid Journey 5.2, a new AI-generated art release, and the legal disputes and challenges surrounding it. They also describe how AI can make it easier for people to express their humanity through creative endeavors like art and how it will become ubiquitous.

George and Jon also share their own personal experiences using AI to enhance their creativity and emphasize the importance of embracing AI and learning how to use it effectively as the “career opportunity of our lifetime.”

Apps mentioned:


George’s AI Course:
(affiliate link)

Key points with timestamps:

1:44 – Creativity is amplified by AI. Call it “Amplified Intelligence.”

4:33 – Dialog with AI-generated voices using

7:07 – AI enhances creativity as a brainstorming tool.

11:04 – ChatGPT for first drafts and business plans.

14:49 – How can AI can amplify creativity, understanding, and efficiency?

20:07 – AI is version 2.0 version of the Internet.

22:17 – AI art is becoming super realistic.

25:44 – Both humans and AI create art based on a “predictive model.”

How Can You Effectively Use ChatGPT to Empower Self-Care?

Have you ever considered how a tool like ChatGPT might be helpful in a highly personal realm like self-care?

On this episode of Video Mojo, Suzanne Falter and I discuss how AI, specifically ChatGPT, can be a fun and exciting tool for self-care. We explore its various uses, from stress reduction to fitness training, while also acknowledging its limitations and calling for government regulation.

I also share my personal experience with using ChatGPT as a motivational coach for exercise.

Overall, this podcast offers a fascinating look into the world of ChatGPT and how it can be a valuable asset in our daily lives.

This is a joint episode of Video Mojo and Suzanne’s Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women podcast.

Hightlights include:

1:20 – AI’s Collaborative Co-pilot Era.

5:55 – How to use ChatGPT for advice.

10:36 – Can you use AI for therapy?

15:29 – ChatGPT skills you need to practice

18:38 – InsightTimer over ChatGPT for guided meditations

21:05 – AI regulation & being playful with ChatGPT.

24:53 – Video Mojo Anna Przy recommendation.

Try ChatGPT here:

Remarkable Creator Business Growth: What Are Ali Abdaal’s Strategies?

Because of how much I’ve learned from him, Ali Abdaal is one of my favorite YouTubers. The growth of his creator business is also an inspiring success story with teachings all its own.

In my latest Video Mojo interview, I was thrilled to feature Tommy Mallen, Head of Product for the massively successful YouTuber (4.3 million subscribers+), author, and creator entrepreneur, Ali Abdaal.

This episode focuses on the transformation of Ali Abdaal’s Part-Time YouTuber Academy and its new approach following the conclusion of their last live cohort. Tommy offers valuable insights into the relationship between value and monetization and shares how the Ali Abdaal organization navigates decision-making processes and future plans.

Video Mojo is an expression of my commitment to helping B2B content marketers and entrepreneurs leverage an authentic and engaging video presence across all social media platforms, with a keen focus on TikTok and YouTube.

This is a must-watch episode if you’re a creator seeking growth strategies or interested in the intersection of authenticity and marketing.

Don’t forget to check out the Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator.

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Amazing Story: How Did Having Fun on TikTok Help Her Build a Better Life?

At 62 years of age, Helen Polise is a force of nature.

She models how playing and having fun on TikTok can be a life changer and, for her, a career changer. In this Video Mojo interview, she shares valuable insights and tips about how to grow your video presence on TikTok and beyond. She also talks about how she used TikTok while going blind and then how she survived and thrived despite a serious cancer diagnosis.

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8 Powerful Business Marketing Apps I Use

Truth: I spend a bunch of my time researching and experimenting with the apps that I use to run my business.

This video spells out the ones that I have come to rely on and value the most. I recommend them to you because I hope you’ll find them as helpful as I do.

Chapters for Your Convenience
0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Best Email Marketing App: ConvertKit
1:42 – Best Website Development App: Squarespace
3:09 – Best File Sharing App: Google Drive
3:48 – Best Video Editing App: Descript
4:49 – Best Personal Email App: Superhuman
5:45 – Best AI Apps for Business: ChatGPT & Hyperwrite
7:13 – Best Notetaking App: Notion
8:38 – Best Headline Writing Tool: CoSchedule’s Headline Studio
10:00 – Wrap up and link to my video on AI-powered Video Apps

I have affiliate relationships with two of these. If you are moved to do so, please use these links to support my video creator journey. Thanks!

Huge Impact: TikTok + ChatGPT + Video Reveals Surprising Truths About Marketing

Both TikTok and ChatGPT are game changers.

Together they also inspired this conversation between two experienced creator-marketing pros – Eliya Finkelstein of and Jon Leland, host of the Video Mojo vodcast – about how the world of marketing has been changed forever and what you can do about it.

Subjects covered include:

  • The erosion of trust in marketing and how to address it.
  • What does it mean to “follow the Juice” and how can that be productive?
  • How TikTok “opened the floodgates” for what Eliya has to say.
  • Why conversion rates and landing pages are often over-rated.
  • Why ChatGPT prompt books are a waste of money.
  • Similarities between ChatGPT & TikTok.
    And much more.

Resources mentioned:

George Kao, Authentic Business Coach (affil link)

Marketing AI Institute

Adam Grant, author

– Eliya Finkelstein, Data-Driven Rebel

Can Community Solve Your Marketing Problems? Video Mojo Interview with Mark Schaefer

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author, educator, speaker, and authentic thought-leader, Mark Schaefer about his new book, Belonging to the Brand, Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy.

I think Mark’s work is important in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing marketing landscape. As we all know, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to stay relevant and create authentic engagement.

Here are my favorite two minutes of our conversation:

We discuss why community represents a future-proof strategy for businesses struggling to navigate this challenging time. Schaefer sheds light on the famous Peter Drucker axiom, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and explains how fostering a strong sense of community can lead to better engagement and long-term customer loyalty.

Whether you’re a business marketing executive or just someone looking to improve your marketing game, this conversation is packed with valuable insights and actionable tips you can apply to your own strategies.

You can watch the whole video conversation below or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast app.

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Why Would Wistia Want to Add Webinars to Their Video Marketing Mix?

In this episode of Video Mojo, I interview Jean Merlain, a Product Marketing Manager at Wistia, about the advantages of using the new Wistia Live platform to host webinars for B2B businesses. We discuss the differences between B2B and smaller creators’ video marketing approaches, the struggle of taking advantage of video’s power, and the pandemic’s impact on B2B marketing.

Jean Merlain shares insights on how B2B organizations can connect video marketing to their marketing automation platforms, track their performance, capture and nurture leads, and ensure their successful video marketing efforts.

Find out why Wistia, a well-established video hosting company, decided to add webinars to their video marketing mix, and what benefits their webinar product, Wistia Live, provides for B2B marketers.

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