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This blog is part of Jon Leland‘s commitment to “span the Grand Canyon gap between people and technology.” Posts cover a broad range of topics related to small business digital marketing, including video marketing, social media marketing & advertising, and email marketing.

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New Offers: New Kinds of Internet Marketing Support

For the first time, starting next month, September, 2013, I…

The Heart of Online Marketing: My Google Hangout (Video) with Jay Baer

Yes, online marketing does have a heart. It's the people. In…

Facebook Marketing Meets Google Hangouts: How to Expand Your Video Audience

Sometimes I learn best by just going for it and trying new things.…

Webinar Video: Internet Marketing Success in 4 Easy "Booster Rockets"

Last week, we recorded a live webinar as part of the re-launch…

This Week's "3 Geegy Amigos" Tech Talk Show via Google Hangouts

We had fun today and I think there's lots of useful information…

New Experiment: Weekly Tech Talk Google Hangout with "3 Geeky Amigos"

Welcome to our new tech talk Google Hangouts webcast, "3 Geeky Amigos."

This Ain't Your Mama's SEO. Tuning Into "Social Signals" and More.

Search engine optimization ain't what it used to be. Social media is now a critical component. Learn to get beyond tricks to create a sustainable strategy.

Mobile Apps and Mobile-Friendly Websites for Business: 
The Next Big Thing in Internet Marketing?

Shortly after Internet accessibility via mobile phones started…

The Visual Web Demands New Video Presentation Tools & Techniques

New ComBridges responsive WordPress website. Plus Links: No more bullet point lists! More creative online videos! Post on effective SlideShare & PowerPoint presentations, and impressive tool for animated videos.

Great Video Underscores the Mobile, Multi-Screen Marketing Revolution

One of my mantras seems to be "it's hard to keep track of how…

"It's a Wonderful Web" ENewsletter Highlights Facebook Pages, Google AdWords and Luscious Links

The March 2013 edition of our "It's a Wonderful Web" e-newsletter…

Is Vine, Twitter's Video App, Useful for Social Media Marketing? Expert Reviews & Luscious Links

The face of online video, or what I like to call The Video Web,…

"It's a Wonderful Web" 2013!

The first edition of our "It's a Wonderful Web" e-newsletter…

New Internet Radio Interview: What's So New About New Marketing?

One of the fun things about having written a book about Internet…

2013: The Year of Anything is Possible

As we enter the New Year, the inspiring message that "Anything…

Holidays “Wonderful Web” ENews!

The holiday edition of our “It’s a Wonderful Web” enewsletter…

New Forms of Online Video and TV Advertising Empower Advertisers

In today's TheTVNews "New Media / New Marketing" video report…

New YouTube Video Invites You to Our Online Course in Internet Marketing

I don't know how to get more personal than creating a 3-minute…

"Demystifying Internet Marketing" - Free Webinar, This Tuesday, 10/30

I want to help you get a handle on Internet marketing. I wrote…

Just Announced: My New Online Course on Internet Marketing

I'm thrilled to announce a brand new online course as part of…

Latest Review of Our New Internet Marketing Book is Awesome

We are thrilled with this new review on BlogCritic.org of Jon's…

Radio Interview: Listen Now to Better Understand the New Marketing Landscape

I was delighted to be interviewed by my friends at the Hoffman…

New Internet Marketing Book is Out + Radio Interview Tomorrow/Tuesday

New Book: Your Primer on Internet Marketing This is a special…

Modern Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Advantages and Techniques

This Guest Post is by Tara Hornor of Creative Content Experts There…

NEW "Wonderful Web" ENews: "New is New Again"

The new edition of our "It's a Wonderful Web" enewsletter is…

Roger McNamee Sees a Future that Empowers Content Creators

Thanks to a tweet by thought-leader, publisher, Tim O'Reilly,…

Instagram, Facebook, and the Social Media Web's Continued VISUAL Evolution [COOL INFOGRAPHIC]

It's kind of a jaw-dropping business story that Facebook just…

Last Call for Special Savings on LIVE SF Workshop: Mastering the Social Media Marketing Mix!


Social Media Goes Visual: Why Pinterest is More Than You Think

Pinterest is not only the fastest growing social media network, its visual quality reflects a major trend that is also expressed by Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram. This post explains why dynamic visual communications are at the heart of the next generation of social media marketing.

Luscious Links to Unlock Pinterest: Free Resources Show How to Pin Your Marketing

Just when you may have thought that social media marketing has…

"The Challenge of Authenticity: You Can't Let It Wait" -- An Urgent, Live Interactive Conversation

A inspiring, personal and authentic conversation about how even life's most difficult challenges can be used as opportunities to live a more meaningful life. Free audio podcast included. Roughly 30 minutes.

The App Year in Review: My Favorite Apps from 2011

Apps is me. I love 'em and I love to share 'em. And, just for the record, I consider my obsessive behavior with apps of all kinds, especially iPhone apps, iPad apps and small business productivity-oriented web apps to be a healthy addiction.

Top 3 Social TV Trends Emerge from CES News Announcements [Video]

CES,  the Consumer Electronics Show, happening this week in…

Your Social Media Future: It's Time to Say YES.

I continue to be amazed by how many professional people still…

My 2nd 2011 Social Media Speaking, Workshop Tour of New Zealand Will Energize With Authenticity

I can hardly believe that I'm taking off ("leaving on a jet plane")…

New Custom-Design WordPress Website | Conscious Order

We love delighted clients almost as much as we love delightful…

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