Tips for Deepening Your Social Media Presence with actress/coach, Julia McNeal

There’s so much more to authentic social media and video than selling and persuading. A truly meaningful presence is more about engagement and relationship building. In order to deepen that experience, we touch a shared humanity that is very personal.

As Julia McNeal illuminates in this episode of Video Mojo, this is what’s required if you want to be truly authentic; and, the really GOOD NEWS is that along with this deeper level of engagement comes a recognition of a shared humanity that is a service to everyone you touch. Don’t miss this episode.

As always, in addition this “Collaborative Conversation” (interview), Video Mojo also includes a quick commentary called “Tee It Up” (this week an overview of how WebShows™ like ours build on the shoulders of podcasting) and “Luscious Links” resource recommendations (this week two great sources for license-free images you can use without fee or credit, if you so choose).

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Time markers/Table of contents:

  • Tee It Up: Media Evolutions Through the Ages – 1:48
  • Collaborative Conversation: Julia McNeal (Actress, Teacher, Coach) – 4:57
  • Community Campfire: Q&A – 18:48
  • Luscious Links: stock image resources – 23:06



Pillar 1: Humanity –
Pillar 2: Technology –
Pillar 3: Story – To be recorded live Friday, October 16th at 10am PT.

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